Gourmet Introducing : John Smith – Japanese Hamburger

Sakae Juicy Hamburger Restaurant – John Smith

Today I am going to introduce a restaurant in Sakae, John Smith, where arranged juicy hamburgers with local Japanese taste are provided.

Went with the team at lunch time, quite crowded but queued up for just like 10 mins.
The appearance of the restaurant was similar to Ramen restaurant, big table counter at the center with a curved line was placed.

Welcoming all customers with loud energetic voices, they love to show you more and more details about the menu that they serve. It conveys the enthusiasm of how they are particular with the ingredients.
Beef and Rice are all produced from Japan, you won’t see anything that’s unfresh.

Try to open the drawer beneath your table, you will see how they really stick to their brand “John Smith”. Packages of wet tissue are the eyes of John Smith, and the plates are with random illustrations of John Smith.
Don’t miss the glass too!
You will see Marilyn Monroe with the face of John Smith if you are lucky. Every tableware is customized just for John Smith, pop designs remind me of the place of New York. It’s fun when you are eating hamburgers with local Japanese taste, but the atmosphere makes you recall New York.

Especially the spices, I love them the most. Not just salt or pepper, they are with lots of choices like Matcha salt, curry salt, Huajiao salt etc. you can try.
Let`s try and find out the most favourite flavor of spices!

The main of all, the meat which becomes juicy hamburger. You can grill the meat until it is fully ripe or eat it raw or medium raw, you will see the juice come out from the meat that appetizes you to eat it as soon as possible.
There are two options of the hamburger set, raw egg topping and Chazuke (pouring green tea). The most awesome happiest thing you eat here is that rice is free to refill and also miso soup.

Full of pop visuals, joyful atmosphere. Why don’t you come and try John Smith? You can get full and satisfied!

Author: K.H